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Plantronics EncorePro Headband Support Pad
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> Wireless Headset Telephone Compatibility   Date: Friday 26 February, 2010
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You may be asking yourself, "What type of phone do I need for my wireless headset to work with?"   Well, there's no real quick answer to this...but it's not too complex either.  First let me just say that since there are literally thousands & thousands of phones out there in all different sizes, shapes, functions, & wiring...there just isn't anyway of saying that they will all work with all wireless headset systems.  Although "Most" phones are indeed compatible, there are a few things that you need to be aware of first. 

One of the most common misconceptions, is that a wireless headset system will plug into a telephone's headset jack - FALSE. 

Although there are a couple "Very rare" instances where this will work, 99% of all wireless systems actually plug in to the phone's handset jack (NOT the headset jack).  Your phone's headset jack has a built-in amplifier & is designed primarily for corded headsets.  Since wireless headsets were designed for the primary purpose of being able to remotely answer your phone by pressing the button on your wireless headset itself, they have to go through that handset jack...& in turn, your handset will piggy-back off of the wireless' base unit.

The handset "Lifter": This is an optional accessory that is needed for those same 99.9% of wireless headsets, in order to enable remote answering.  What the lifter does is physically lift your receiver & holds it above the cradle for the duration of your call.  Then once you press the button on your headset again, it lowers the receiver back down & hangs up the call.  Without a handset lifter , you would have to constantly place your handset on the desk before the call, then hang it up after the call - for EACH & EVERY call.  You cannot simply leave your handset off-hook...or your phone will never activate the call (It would be like you are on a never-ending call & possibly even "Time out").

Now, for those 1% of headsets that are unique; certain specific AVAYA, Cisco, & Polycom phones have a built in "Hook switch" that (With a special Hook switch cable) will allow your wireless headset system to interface with the phone itself.  This special hook switch cable takes the place of (But essentially does the same thing as) the handset lifter.  Most hook switch cables are sold separately from the wireless headset system, with the exception of the AWH models from Plantronics (Avaya Wireless Headset).

Remote handset lifters work with all phones - FALSE

Due to the various shape & layout of some phones, using a handset lifter could potentially cause a problem.  Lifters will almost always work with a standard "Square" or "Rectangular" shaped phone. However, some of the more "Curvy" & shapely phones out there might not allow for use of the lifter.  Plantronics makes a special attachment for the lifter only, that works with most Nortel phones with the curved side; this device works on several other phones as well.  One last thing to take into account; the "Tilt" of your phone.  Make sure that your phone has the ability to tilt back around 45 degrees or flatter.  If your phone stands too erect, your handset will merely flop off the cradle & on to your desk (It's funny only at first!).

And as I always say, "When all else fails - call us for compatibility"

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